The business website must only contain relevant and valuable content related to its products or services. The latest developments or related news content is posted on blogs, to provide backlinks. Content marketing strategy is a sustained activity, a business keeps sharing the content to be in regular touch with its customers or prospects. sharesContinue reading “Blogging”

Hosting Review Advika Web

The company offers Web Hosting, Virtual Servers, Cloud Servers, India’s Economic Virtual Dedicated Servers & Dedicated Servers, or bare-metal servers (Linux & Windows). Affordable, cheap, and reliable services are offered through an Indian data center on both Windows and Linux platforms. It enables the company to host high-traffic websites, and web applications, where performance isContinue reading “Hosting Review Advika Web”

2MHost Hosting Review on Ananova

<div class=”aentry-post__img–text-width” style=”width:650px;”> <img style=”max-width:100%;” src=”; /> <figcaption></figcaption> </div> A U.S based stable privately-held website hosting company. Founded in 2001, serving over 10,000 clients. It was started by a team of website developers offering cheap and reliable web hosting from $2.75/mo. Hosting features includes a private SSL certificate, Free Website Builder, and WordPress Installer. WithContinue reading “2MHost Hosting Review on Ananova”

WordPress Hosting – Artificial Intelligence

( ) – The Artificial Intelligence, the ability to learn from data has potential to revolutionize a plethora of industries. Would it become a reality in our lifetime for bloggers like us using WordPress? The unforeseen possibilities with artificial intelligence tools to create WordPress Plugins, API’s without using much of programming.