2MHost Hosting Review on Ananova

<div class=”aentry-post__img–text-width” style=”width:650px;”> <img style=”max-width:100%;” src=”https://ic.pics.livejournal.com/chatwoo/78076741/50072/50072_original.jpg&#8221; /> <figcaption></figcaption> </div> A U.S based stable privately-held website hosting company. Founded in 2001, serving over 10,000 clients. It was started by a team of website developers offering cheap and reliable web hosting from $2.75/mo. Hosting features includes a private SSL certificate, Free Website Builder, and WordPress Installer. WithContinue reading “2MHost Hosting Review on Ananova”

Passive Hosting Services

( http://bit.ly/2osPWk7 ) – Selling hosting resources directly to your customers is an active hosting, while just motivating them to purchase from the selected list of providers is passive. And, if you are generating revenue from passive selling, it is called Affiliate business. You earn by placing the affiliate links of web hosts on yourContinue reading “Passive Hosting Services”

Sell Hosting Services with your Brand

( http://bit.ly/2osPWk7 ) – Web Developers and Designers can resell hosting services with their pricing structure and plans with their brand name. They can provide the customers with customized control panel with their logo and generate trust of clients. For starting Reseller Hosting business, you don’t need an extensive technical understanding of server infrastructure. WhenContinue reading “Sell Hosting Services with your Brand”

Linux Hosting Importance

( http://bit.ly/2tux4Dw ) – LINUX hosting refers to the hosting services and system architectures provided on LINUX platform to open source companies. Hosting means a service offered by the firm to allocate some disk space to physically place all website related information on a server to enduringly stay on the internet. It is an operatingContinue reading “Linux Hosting Importance”

cheap vs. affordable web hosting services

( http://bit.ly/2tupMiW ) – I know very well that both the words “cheap” and “affordable” resemble same, but the meaning is unique. The Cheap Web Hosting services can be found all over the internet, and if the price is your only criteria then find a cheap web hosting service is straightforward and easy. But itContinue reading “cheap vs. affordable web hosting services”