Business Hosting Journal

Business Hosting Journal (BHJ.ORG) is an Online Internet Marketing Website listing web hosting providers. It covers the customer-centric developments the hosting companies are doing for growth. Every company has got unique selling points around which they develop their web content. The copywriters, technical content writers, web designers, developers bring the emotional and psychological triggers toContinue reading “Business Hosting Journal”

Linux Host – Creating Brand on Social Media

( ) – The brand is the core, even on social media, companies claim their brand name page or similar name. They put the website link, contact information, business location which includes phone, address and hours of operation. The online marketing team regularly put updates on their social media account, when a visitor asksContinue reading “Linux Host – Creating Brand on Social Media”

Sell Hosting Services with your Brand

( ) – Web Developers and Designers can resell hosting services with their pricing structure and plans with their brand name. They can provide the customers with customized control panel with their logo and generate trust of clients. For starting Reseller Hosting business, you don’t need an extensive technical understanding of server infrastructure. WhenContinue reading “Sell Hosting Services with your Brand”

Social Media Brand Building Tools

( ) – An essential tool for building brand’s in today’s digital world, especially among small businesses. Do social media, brings traffic to your website? Most of the companies concentrate on creating a social media hub for their business. With proper social media strategy and dedicated team, yes, you can generate traffic to yourContinue reading “Social Media Brand Building Tools”