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Keyword Rich Domain Name –

So many domain codes are available, that businesses can choose to have a keyword-rich business domain. But, they only want ‘com’. The name should not contain any digits or dashes. A decade ago, Google prefer keyword-rich domain names, but nowadays, it has changed its algorithm. Businesses often find it difficult to find the domain names which recognize their brand. Most keyword-oriented domain names are already taken or purchased, even though businesses keep looking for those names. “The name tells their work, or the work must create the name. ” Businesses often choose random names, and their work makes the name itself a big brand.

Examples of such companies are very few, most businesses research for keyword-oriented domain names only. There are thousands of related keywords specific to a business, thus, it becomes costlier to have a domain name associated with them. The companies do keyword research and keep buying such domain-names, whenever they are available. –

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