Review Servermania

( ) – Empowered Managed Servers is Complete server management solution with comprehensive security, configuration, and monitoring services. The company provides server setup and configuration; round-the-clock monitoring of standard and user-defined ports with proactive issue resolution; security auditing, hardening, and management; performance management; backup management with consultation planning, configuration, and implementation; support for aContinue reading “Review Servermania”

Managed Hosting

( ) – It is convenient to access and manage hosting resources using control panel. From software installation to building server security measures, control panel provides most user-friendly, easy-to-use interface to the users. Hosting company selling managed-hosting packages, just need to do Server management and provide tech assistance to solve any potential technical problems.Continue reading “Managed Hosting”

WordPress Enterprise – WordPress Managed Hosting

( ) – Automattic (the company behind WordPress) announced a few days ago that the company is now offering a service called WordPress Enterprise. What is Enterprise? A step in-between and WordPress VIP. Enterprise is a completely managed hosting option for businesses seeking something more than, but something that s far lessContinue reading “WordPress Enterprise – WordPress Managed Hosting”

Hostway pioneer in hosted and managed cloud services

Hostway Services, Inc. is the pioneer in hosted and managed cloud services and application hosting solutions for asset-lite small businesses, fast-growing mid-market, and e-commerce focused organizations and the companies that serve them. Its team of engineers in Europe and North America delivers secure, reliable and a scalable public, private and hybrid cloud hosting solutions, specializedContinue reading “Hostway pioneer in hosted and managed cloud services”