Hosting Review Advika Web

The company offers Web Hosting, Virtual Servers, Cloud Servers, India’s Economic Virtual Dedicated Servers & Dedicated Servers, or bare-metal servers (Linux & Windows). Affordable, cheap, and reliable services are offered through an Indian data center on both Windows and Linux platforms. It enables the company to host high-traffic websites, and web applications, where performance isContinue reading “Hosting Review Advika Web”

Hosting Review 100TB

<div class=”aentry-post__img–text-width” style=”width:670px;”> <img style=”max-width:100%;” src=”; /> <figcaption></figcaption> </div> The UK2 Group company offers B2B Web Hosting & Server Hosting Services on high-performance infrastructure on a global scale. It has been a significant player in the U.K., European, and U.S. hosting markets since 1998.  The reliable hosting cutting-edge infrastructure, high-speed bandwidth, and services are tailoredContinue reading “Hosting Review 100TB”

Review Servermania

( ) – Empowered Managed Servers is Complete server management solution with comprehensive security, configuration, and monitoring services. The company provides server setup and configuration; round-the-clock monitoring of standard and user-defined ports with proactive issue resolution; security auditing, hardening, and management; performance management; backup management with consultation planning, configuration, and implementation; support for aContinue reading “Review Servermania”

Do you think Hosting on Dedicated Servers expensive?

( ) – If that is a case, you can go with VPS (Virtual Private Servers) or Cloud Hosting Services. But, before you go with shared hosting services, you must understand, what you are compromising: i) You are going to host your website on shared IP on the physical server with other unknown sites.Continue reading “Do you think Hosting on Dedicated Servers expensive?”

Linux Dedicated Servers

( ) – When you search Linux Dedicated Server, you get hundreds of articles talking about benefits of dedicated servers. However, you are searching for a Dedicated server with Linux Operating System in them that govern the control of equipment, resources such as processors, main storage, secondary storage, I/O devices, and files. Your attemptContinue reading “Linux Dedicated Servers”

Linux beats windows in servers

( ) – Linux always beats windows in servers being its dedicated servers, VPS or cloud servers. Without a doubt, we can say that Linux is better suited to dedicated servers, virtual private server or cloud servers than Windows. Why? See the ways. Stability: Concerning stability, Linux can run for several years, without anyContinue reading “Linux beats windows in servers”

GPU now Available With Hivelocity Servers

GPU (Graphic Processing Units) a massively parallelable processing unit is now Available With Hivelocity Servers and private clouds. Initially, customers can add up to four NVidia Tesla or PNY Quadra GPUs within a single server. GPU can have many hundreds or thousands of cores and can handle streams of data at once and process themContinue reading “GPU now Available With Hivelocity Servers”