Hosting Review 7host

7Host was founded in 2000 as a managed hosting solutions and high-end application services provider to a broad spectrum of businesses. The services offered include domain, domain registration, web hosting, webspace, windows, hosting Linux, server, dedicated server. Find the Find related and similar hosting companies on Ananova. Latest News And Web Hosting Review 7Host ( reading “Hosting Review 7host”

Security is must for an E-commerce Portal

( ) – Running an e-commerce portal on shared hosting is never safe, your online business needs to add an extra layer of security, which is not possible with shared hosting accounts. Shared might have hosting-accounts with malicious websites or spammers may be using it for unsolicited activities. Shared hosting is not Payment CardContinue reading “Security is must for an E-commerce Portal”

Review Website Security

Periodically keep checking your Hosting directory for malware and viruses. Otherwise, Google display embarrassing ‘message warning of the threat.’ Always update your software to block vulnerabilities in the software. If your Hosting provider is using config server, ask them for security checklist of your account. Acute hosting providers always keep latest server software PHP, Apache,Continue reading “Review Website Security”

BHJ suggests security and backup policy

Manage User Access to protect a system from scam or hack by unauthorized users. Assign permissions for usage like WordPress allow different levels of access. Use SSL Certificate to establish secure, encrypted connection between your website and a visitor’s web browser. It gives assurances to visitors that your site takes privacy and security seriously. And,Continue reading “BHJ suggests security and backup policy”

Dirty COW, the Linux kernel security flaw (CVE-2016-5195)

Dirty COW, the Linux kernel security flaw (CVE-2016-5195), discovered in virtually all Linux Operating system versions. A High priority privilege-escalation vulnerability exists in a section of Linux Kernel, which allows any installed malicious app to gain administrative (root-level) access to a device and completely hijack it. Linux copy-on-write (COW) mechanism broke, and malicious program tamperContinue reading “Dirty COW, the Linux kernel security flaw (CVE-2016-5195)”