Best Shared Hosting-

( ) – Select the Best Shared Hosting for your website. Host-only on trusted, reliable and robust hosting providers committed to delivering 100% to customers. Verify availability using online tools for the server availability, and online reviews endorsements. Check the resources offered in a plan, and match with your needs. Check security tools likeContinue reading “Best Shared Hosting-”

Security is must for an E-commerce Portal

( ) – Running an e-commerce portal on shared hosting is never safe, your online business needs to add an extra layer of security, which is not possible with shared hosting accounts. Shared might have hosting-accounts with malicious websites or spammers may be using it for unsolicited activities. Shared hosting is not Payment CardContinue reading “Security is must for an E-commerce Portal”

Shared hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

( ) – The main difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is, in the case of shared host, a majority of small users share the same shared server to upload their websites, whereas, in dedicated hosting, each site allocated a dedicated web server that no other website can share at any cost. WithContinue reading “Shared hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting”

Mediatemple-Grid-based shared hosting service

Mediatemple has been providing hosting solutions to web developers, digital entrepreneurs, designers, and innovators since 1998. Currently, their cloud services premium web hosting power around 1.5 million websites across the world. Their hosting solutions com with one click installer, domain registration, virtual servers, business applications and other cloud services. This hosting is perfect for everybodyContinue reading “Mediatemple-Grid-based shared hosting service”

Reliable Shared Web Hosting Solution

Three questions comes in the mind of the web hosting customer, before choosing a web hosting solution: Affordable Quality level of service and customer support Server monitoring – involves monitoring of CPU and disk usage, memory consumption, network and I/O Troubleshooting – dealing with hardware related problems) Hardware maintenance – requires cleaning and testing ofContinue reading “Reliable Shared Web Hosting Solution”