lists professional web hosting providers offering hosting services to businesses. Thus, to effectively build an online professional business website. Through e-commerce portals, companies list their products or services and effectively market them to their consumers. The businesses run promotional campaigns or advertisements to create a buzz online to drive traffic to their website. Furthermore,Continue reading

E-commerce Hosting for Young Entrepreneurs

( ) – Young Entrepreneurs tapped into their entrepreneurial drive opting to start their businesses through start-up funds and advice. E-commerce industry provides enormous options like, start apparel company, handicraft business, reseller hosting business. With dedication, time and energy, these young Entrepreneurs can reach to new heights. Like this, the young generation is readyContinue reading “E-commerce Hosting for Young Entrepreneurs”

Scalability enabled E-commerce hosting

( ) – Choose hosting provider which offers scalability without any trouble. No need for migration and resources get added without much hassle. Adding resources should be like adding numbers to the previous values. It should not mess with your existing business process. With shared hosting plans, limitations of bandwidth, web space and controlContinue reading “Scalability enabled E-commerce hosting”

Security is must for an E-commerce Portal

( ) – Running an e-commerce portal on shared hosting is never safe, your online business needs to add an extra layer of security, which is not possible with shared hosting accounts. Shared might have hosting-accounts with malicious websites or spammers may be using it for unsolicited activities. Shared hosting is not Payment CardContinue reading “Security is must for an E-commerce Portal”

Minimum plan required for E-commerce

( ) – Get a dedicated server, if you are serious about your business. Everything is in your control to determine performance, security, and uptime. E-commerce is 24.7.365 time store, whose guidelines and standards are a bit different from your local store. The first and foremost requirement for a successful e-commerce is reliable hostingContinue reading “Minimum plan required for E-commerce”

1-click e-commerce application

Reliable, secure and fast web hosting with exceptional performance. Offers variety of hosting plans according to customer website needs. Business-Grade Web Hosting Solution with High Performance More Storage, Bandwidth, and RAM compared to other web hosts Dedicated, shared and VPS plans for sites of any size Restore and backup tools for websites Choice of Drupal,Continue reading “1-click e-commerce application”

Suggestions for E-Commerce Hosting Providers and E-Commerce Enterprises

Encryption and protection of the Card data – To avoid it, don’t store any Cardholder data in digital or written form. Use payment processors, POS or card readers that don’t retain information on your system. In case or re-occurring bills or plans, where you need to store data, never store sensitive authentication info like PINContinue reading “Suggestions for E-Commerce Hosting Providers and E-Commerce Enterprises”