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Most businesses strive for leads and sales, they claim that they do everything to promote their website. Their marketing strategy does contain blogging, social media sharing, press releases, PPT sharing, Imagographics, Image sharing, podcasts, sharing research or white papers on Journals, E-books, advertisements, link building, and a lot more. That’s enormous, isn’t it? Analytics is much required to find, what is working for them? Which platforms are gaining attention and converting to leads and sales? Which platforms have maximum reach? Which content is gaining maximum positive response? Is the marketing campaign reaches the niche target population? 

The time is changed, businesses nowadays don’t target the entire corners of the Internet and search engines. Their strategies are to bring only a specific population with certain attributes to follow back to their business website. Every platform is equally important, till the posts, pages, images, video content gains attention. Content & media shared lays the foundation and builds visitor’s loyalty. –


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I'm Communication Director with SCPL. Our goal is to deliver the most accurate information possible based on the needs of the majority of website owners and developers, and Ananova reports deliver the most reliable indicators of web host performance. -

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