Use of Arrays in Web Development Programming JavaScript

The array creation functions organized into two categories: those that place the enhanced properties at the end, and those that put the enhanced features at the beginning. The first four array creation methods place the improved properties at the end of the array and initialize all empty slots to "@." They differ in how theyContinue reading “Use of Arrays in Web Development Programming JavaScript”

JavaScript Objects

Document Object The document object encapsulates all JavaScript objects that correspond to the HTML elements. It is the parent of forms, links, and anchors. These objects occur as arrays and are accessed as document.Forms[xx], document.Links[xx], and document.anchors[xx], where xx is an array index. The document object also has several other useful properties. It has aContinue reading “JavaScript Objects”

Comparing JavaScript

JavaScript is somewhat minimalist in its approach. Many familiar elements, such as explicit data types (int, String, REAL), are missing or have been substantially simplified. However, JavaScript also provides many powerful object-oriented constructs which greatly simplify program organization. In this way, JavaScript has the expressive power of languages such as C or Java, while alsoContinue reading “Comparing JavaScript”