Action Oriented JavaScript

JavaScript is an action-oriented model of the World Wide Web. Elements of a Web page, such as a button or checkbox, may trigger actions or events. When one of these events occurs, a corresponding piece of JavaScript code, usually a JavaScript function, is executed.

And that function, in turn, is composed of various statements which perform calculations, examine or modify the contents of the Web page, or perform other tasks to respond in some way to that event. For example, pressing the SUBMIT button on an online order form might invoke a JavaScript function that validates the contents of that form to ensure that the user entered all the required information.

Attributes Supporting JavaScript

Many existing HTML tags now have additional attributes to support JavaScript. For example, all elements of a form identified with the NAME element. Using NAME to determine objects in your documents will simplify your coding and debugging.

Handling Data with JavaScript

Like any language, JavaScript manipulates data.  It is an object-based language, methods, and functions in it act on the data in the objects. Other than string, math, and date objects, JavaScript is limited to operating on browser objects and other objects exposed to the browser.
These other objects can include plug-ins, Java applets, and ActiveX.  It allows you to create new documents, modify your existing forms, and build applications.

JavaScript works with browser objects. Most of the code manipulates HTML elements.For example, it will read properties of a link or write information into a Textarea.
But this is a limitation. There are not any new operations that give you multimedia capabilities like sound or graphics. To add these types of features, you need to extend the ability of the browser with plug-ins, Java applets, or other external applications. These programs may or may not make their objects available to JavaScript.



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