Comparing JavaScript

JavaScript is somewhat minimalist in its approach. Many familiar elements, such as explicit data types (int, String, REAL), are missing or have been substantially simplified.
However, JavaScript also provides many powerful object-oriented constructs which greatly simplify program organization. In this way, JavaScript has the expressive power of languages such as C or Java, while also having fewer rules to remember.

One of the main differences between JavaScript and most other languages is that it does not have explicit data types. There is no way to specify that a particular variable represents an integer, string, or a floating-point number.

Any JavaScript variable can be any of these, in fact, and the same variable can be interpreted differently in different contexts.
There is a crucial point about the JavaScript language.It does not have explicit data types, and it does have implicit data types.
The another critically important point about the JavaScript is that it has a set of conversion rules that allow it to decide how to treat a value based on the context in which it used.

JavaScript programs are collections of statements typically organized into functions.
These functions manipulate variables and the HTML environment in which the script itself works.

In JavaScript, strings may be specified using either single quotes ('stuff') or double quotes ("otherstuff"). If you begin a string with one type of quote you must end it with that same form of quote for example, "badstuff' is not a right string in JavaScript.
Strings are nested by alternating the types of quotes used. In fact, you must alternate single and double quotes if you wish to put one string inside another.

The basic unit of work in JavaScript is the statement, as is the case in most programming languages. A JavaScript statement accomplishes work by causing something to evaluate.
It can be the result of giving value to a variable, by calling a function, by performing some calculation, or any combination of these.



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