Use of HTML or XHTML in Web Development

FrontPage which is a very common website design tool developed by Microsoft for my websites. It allows website development without any in-depth knowledge of web development. Shared hosting plan at supports FrontPage server extensions.
If you intend to use FrontPage, you should look for a Windows hosting solution by

Frontpage automatically writes the HTML, and we need to concern only to the appearance of the page.
HTML contains small markup tags which tell how the pages are to be displayed. An HTML file should have an .htm or .html extension.

Each HTML document begins with a DOCTYPE declaration that specifies which version of HTML the document uses. You can choose any DOCTYPE, according to your requirement.If standard HTML does not meet your needs, then use a custom DTD.

XHTML 1.1 is pure XML, and only intended to be XML. Therefore XHTML 1.1 documents must be sent with an XML-related media type, such as application/xhtml+xml. If your document is just pure XHTML 1.0 (not including other markup languages) then you will not yet notice much difference. However as more and more XML tools become available, such as XSLT for transforming documents, you will start seeing the advantages of using XHTML. XForms, for instance, will allow you to edit XHTML documents (or any other sort of XML document) in simple controllable ways. Semantic Web applications will be able to take advantage of XHTML documents.

If your document is more than XHTML 1.0, for instance including MathML, SMIL, or SVG, then the advantages are immediate; you can't do that sort of thing with HTML.

XHTML Modularization

XHTML Modularization is useful for designers of XHTML-based languages.  XHTML Modularization splits XHTML into some modules that can be individually selected when defining a new language; in this way any XHTML-based language that uses tables is guaranteed to use the same definition of tables, and not some different version. Modularization also makes it clear where it is OK to add new elements, and where it is not.
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