JavaScript Applicability

JavaScript is an action-oriented model of the World Wide Web. Elements of a Web page, such as a button or checkbox, may trigger actions or events. When one of these events occurs, a corresponding piece of JavaScript code, usually a JavaScript function, is executed.
And that function, in turn, is composed of various statements which perform calculations, examine or modify the contents of the Web page, or perform other tasks to respond in some way to that event.

With JavaScript, your pages come alive! Your pages respond to the requests of your audience beyond a simple click here or there. Many more interactive elements are now available for interesting design and layout. Now, your users are no longer just readers.
People interact with your documents, not just read them. Your users can now interact with forms, change the look and feel of your Web documents, and use multiple windows.

JavaScript extends the capabilities of the server. By providing a scripting language, the software can do more without calling an external program.
It makes it easier for Webmasters to add features to their sites that browsers take advantage. Moreover, it can also reduce the load on the server by keeping the processing within the server software.

All of the elements inside the window of a browser are available in JavaScript.Moreover, you can dynamically change some of these items.
You can also examine the items of one document and use that information to create a different document.

Applications of JavaScript

Like other scripting languages that extend the capabilities of the application with which they work, JavaScript extends the standard Web page beyond its normal use.With javascript, there are numerous ways to make your Web site come alive.
And because of the flexibility of the javascript language, the only limit is your imagination. The JavaScript can instantly provide you information without waiting on the server or your Internet connection.

JavaScript works with browsers by embedding code directly into an HTML page.Netscape added a new generic tag called SCRIPT to recognize scripting languages.
To inform the browser that your code is JavaScript, you must add the attribute of LANGUAGE="JavaScript" to the SCRIPT tag. Much of your JavaScript coding is enclosed within these tags, as you can see in the following example:

a = "Hello!"
//…set a variable called 'a' to a value of "Hello!"
LiveWire is a visual development environment for creating Internet applications. This new product provides enhancements to a server including JavaScript.
The same language that you use to make your pages come alive on the browser can be used to respond to requests at the server. Instead of writing CGI scripts in Perl, C, or some other language, use JavaScript.

The most notable use of scripting on the Macintosh is Apple's HyperCard program. This application lets you build a group of cards and hyperlink them together. The cards can contain not only text but multimedia files. The stack of cards that you construct can respond to user input.
The scripting language is such a strong element of HyperCard that many people consider HyperCard itself to be a language. Many Mac owners were initially disappointed with HTML because it lacked many of the capabilities of HyperCard. In many ways, JavaScript brings some of the HyperCard features to the Web.



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