Promotional tactics stimulate emotions among consumers November 02, 2021

The big brands succeed and capture maximum web hosting market share because people understand they can deliver what they promise. There is no question of their capabilities. The customer buying decision is emotional, as what they feel about the company. 

Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman says in his book, How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market, that 95 percent of our purchase decision-making takes place in the subconscious mind.

Great brands succeed by seeking intimate emotional connections with customers, as trust brings a feeling of the intelligent or right decision. Emotions drive purchasing behavior. Neuroscientists found in studies that people whose brains are damaged in the area that generates emotions are incapable of making decisions. Customers like to remain loyal to the brands, as they get the feeling of satisfaction.

The new upcoming companies need to work on changing the perception, belief, behavior, and attitude of customers by seeking attention, motivation, learning, and creating selective attention. They market products focussed on a niche like objective, features, functionality, price, or ease of use and provide the best match to needs. Their best target is consumers looking on search engines, social media posts, and review websites. Using Pathos, they intensify the emotional appeal of a consumer to buy the best. The new upcoming companies also look for clients who are Irritated, Hurried, Neglected, Unhappy, Unsatisfied, Stressed, Disappointed, or Frustrated with the branded company, and then they try to fix the problem or issue.

No company in this world can satisfy 100% of customers, hence these companies look at them as opportunities. The content created by marketers appeals to the consumer’s emotional state, ego, needs, and aspirations.

5W and 1H in Inverted Pyramid November 01, 2021, Be clear, specific & bold.

Most important information on the top and then details and background follow. Let your customers know the big picture first. Hold the interest and nerve of the reader by proper positioning information. Don’t try to put unnecessary distractive information, as the reader may lose interest or confuse them. Choose simple, clear words, instead of challenging and complicated texts. The writer must try to innovate the style which can make the reader’s brain exposed to stimuli, always analyzing and evaluating the information. The integration, processing, and coordination of information makes the reader determines its output.

Maximum Words Count or Information in minimum words? November 01, 2021

Very few people do read the entire content available on a page or post. These skimmers only look for important points and if they don’t find it on top of a page, they move fast to another website, thus increasing the bounce rate. The content on most websites builds with a certain strategy which lays the foundation of its page structure. Web pages normally have more than 250+ words, which is considered as perfect word count for a blog or landing page. Is it the number of words that count or information that is the most important? Yes, information is the key and background details follow it.

The valuable quality content satisfies the visitor’s hunt. Including images, videos or graphics makes the content approaching and authoritative.

Blogger Writing Skills October 27, 2021

A layman blogger thinks and writes whatever comes into his/her mind. Although, a lot of professionals write with proper structure. In the first few lines, they explain what is their blog all about, what inspired them? They try to lay their emotions into words. If the blog is technical or sharing some information, then they also do provide the source of the information to give due credit. Then comes an overview or brief about the blog, a visitor can judge whether he/she wants to read it further. Afterward, the blogger writes all the details, tries to cover minute information, necessary for the blog, and Finally, concludes. What is required, what needs to be done, what is the blogger’s feelings, and a lot more. On WordPress, most bloggers, keep adding, & editing the content, till that post becomes a masterpiece.  

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Sharing Multimedia Content October 19, 2021

Multimedia has diverted visitors’ attention from text towards video, podcasts, animation, and images. YouTube, Vimeo, Tiktok, Instagram, Hubspot, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter gains popularity by allowing media content. People want to share all that is happening in their life, and around them. Click a photograph using mobile and then share the same on social media platforms is very easy and hence is very common. Few add a bit of text or enhance the images using graphic editors, optimize for faster download and then share. 

“Sharing is becoming the habbit to gain attention-”

Rich media boosts the interest of the readers, hence more visual content is shared on social media platforms. Businesses also do share personalize content to attract the target audience. If we analyze the type of videos shared, we can find unboxing Videos where brands get the word out about new and existing products, Educational Videos: Beauty, Fashion, Cooking, educational style available which give value, Gaming videos, Comedy, Movies clips, Songs, and many more. A new concept called Vblog is becoming popular where everybody sharing the rich media content wants it to become viral and get hundreds of millions of viewers.

Creating, editing, and managing videos is becoming much easier with the latest tools available. Thus, the challenge is not how to create the video, but how to make it viral. Most run their own channels on YouTube, Vimeo, and other free video-sharing sites. They get embed links, which can be easily shared on social media, web pages, and other platforms. The sharing tools have enabled people to become influencers. These influencers are becoming professional, they deal with companies and provide them consumer video reviews. Reviews which has been used as a tool to bring the change in buying decision of customers are fully exploited by these professionals. Most reviews are purchased and only a few come organically. The review builds trust in the product, but a layman cannot differentiate between original and purchased reviews. The review-sharing videos are also becoming popular these days, where the creator, provides the product details, working and then ask for feedback and comments on the same. 

The educational institutes provide a complete course on making video sharing. Most get fascinated with it and want to make it bread and butter. From video creation, perfection, editing, how to get subscribers, these institutes teach everything.

Images as we all know, ‘an image is equivalent to thousand words, hence used in galleries, infographics, logos. A website like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Imgur, Picasa, Pinterest, Twitpic, Exposure, Tumblr TwitPic has propelled the people sharing habit.

About US & Contact Page October 19, 2021

A standard website must contain the ‘Contact’ & ‘About Us’ page. They are not updated regularly like blog pr press release pages. The About Us page provides a brief about the website that may contain social proof, testimonials, and some personal information. Both About Us and Contact page must be prominently placed either in header or footer menu, easy to navigate. About Us page link available on the footer tells that website is a research-based project that provides the basis for decision making in the hosting industry to empower businesses, individuals, web developers, designers, and many more. Contact Us page provides the form, which enables the visitors to send a message to the webmaster.

Comparing Text with Rich Media

Rich Media via videos, podcasts, images have completely change the Internet marketing world. “Content is the King”, but its look is now different. It’s easy to handle text content. It can be edited multiple times, as compared to other media. Although rich media is equivalent to thousands of words, the text provides deeper information. The image doesn’t need words, it can be understood globally. Without text no rich media is complete. 

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Weightage of An Expert Advice

A guide with you never lets you lost in a foreign city, a lawyer helps you in protecting your rights, a doctor treats your medical issues. You go to them, as you know they are experts in their fields. Similarly, is an expert in web hosting technologies. You listen to an expert or take help when an issue arises. An expert has skills and expertise in the related field. Thus his/her opinion matters and brings a change in the attitude of the receivers. The ideas and explanations of experts are taken sincerely, and most do exactly what they say.  

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Metadata for Audio, Video & Images October 15, 2021

Metadata is the strength of a web page or post. Audio, images, and video attracts more visitors as compared to text. Of course, defining metadata for them ensures search engine indexing. The title, description, and keywords define the strength and content type. Thus pages get targeted traffic or get listed in relevant search results. Meta creates a content funnel that encourages and motivates the reader’s engagement, to give a contribution in an ongoing conversation. Sharing on social media platforms in few years has increased many manifolds. People do awesome tweets, wonderful Facebook posts, and share knowledge on LinkedIn. Furthermore ask their followers to involve in the conversation or discussion, and contribute by giving comments, feedback, or likes.

Must Include Title, Description, Keywords, Excerpt, and Featured Image October 12, 2021

Nowadays Google automatically picks keywords & description but is always better to put definite values. While sharing the website page/post, the content posted in the excerpt and featured images appear on social media. Definite values in manifesto fields or meta fields build trust and credibility. The visitors know by these values, what kind of content is available, who has written it? What are its different sources? How to access the content? When the content quality is good, visitors share it on their social media platforms. It is what a business needs – link building, more people share more search engines give weightage. It’s more about numbers, the best publicity is through mouthwards, and on Internet, through visitors sharing. When a link is shared, it’s expected that the title, description, and image must be available automatically. If people start sharing the content distributed by businesses, then, for sure it can bring immeasurable success.

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