Sharing Multimedia Content October 19, 2021

Multimedia has diverted visitors’ attention from text towards video, podcasts, animation, and images. YouTube, Vimeo, Tiktok, Instagram, Hubspot, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter gains popularity by allowing media content. People want to share all that is happening in their life, and around them. Click a photograph using mobile and then share the same on social media platforms is very easy and hence is very common. Few add a bit of text or enhance the images using graphic editors, optimize for faster download and then share. 

“Sharing is becoming the habbit to gain attention-”

Rich media boosts the interest of the readers, hence more visual content is shared on social media platforms. Businesses also do share personalize content to attract the target audience. If we analyze the type of videos shared, we can find unboxing Videos where brands get the word out about new and existing products, Educational Videos: Beauty, Fashion, Cooking, educational style available which give value, Gaming videos, Comedy, Movies clips, Songs, and many more. A new concept called Vblog is becoming popular where everybody sharing the rich media content wants it to become viral and get hundreds of millions of viewers.

Creating, editing, and managing videos is becoming much easier with the latest tools available. Thus, the challenge is not how to create the video, but how to make it viral. Most run their own channels on YouTube, Vimeo, and other free video-sharing sites. They get embed links, which can be easily shared on social media, web pages, and other platforms. The sharing tools have enabled people to become influencers. These influencers are becoming professional, they deal with companies and provide them consumer video reviews. Reviews which has been used as a tool to bring the change in buying decision of customers are fully exploited by these professionals. Most reviews are purchased and only a few come organically. The review builds trust in the product, but a layman cannot differentiate between original and purchased reviews. The review-sharing videos are also becoming popular these days, where the creator, provides the product details, working and then ask for feedback and comments on the same. 

The educational institutes provide a complete course on making video sharing. Most get fascinated with it and want to make it bread and butter. From video creation, perfection, editing, how to get subscribers, these institutes teach everything.

Images as we all know, ‘an image is equivalent to thousand words, hence used in galleries, infographics, logos. A website like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Imgur, Picasa, Pinterest, Twitpic, Exposure, Tumblr TwitPic has propelled the people sharing habit.

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