Why Search Engine Optimization?

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Google a kingmaker! Businesses still consider Google as the top priority, that is why all Internet marketing strategies do prioritize search engine placement. A lot of experts say that ‘SEO is Dead’, still a lot of businesses are investing their millions of dollars on search engine marketing. The companies consider Public relations activity, emailing, branding programs, analytics, and submissions as the tools to gain top position in the Google listing. Is Google brings maximum traffic to those business websites? And does the traffic coming from the search engine is thematic and related to their business? Is it going to bring a lot of leads and sales? There are many such questions. And the answer to all those is Google lists the websites on top, which it considers as most thematic to those keywords. The target of all the businesses is the same to bring the traffic and in turn gain leads and sales. The search engine lists the websites based on complex algorithms. Everybody jumps into the SEO race and wants to gain the position. A well-ranked website is considered a successful site. After that, the businesses consider the site’s looks, navigation, thematic content, and other factors. A balance is much required between all the website attributes, which while doing the SEO, most businesses ignore, and in the long run, such sites vanish from the search engine listing. – Ananova.com

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