Communicating With Existing & Prospective Customers business expert team always recommends being in touch and communicating with existing and prospective customers. Newsletters to followers is an old technology, although still effective. But, new emerging platforms are becoming more popular and populated. Companies need to include all these new communication mediums in their Internet marketing strategies. The new ones are more cost-effective as compared to ezines, sending emails, mass advertisements. Furthermore, used by the masses and being accessed by anyone at any time from any corner of the world. Rules of communication are changing on these new platforms, nobody cares if as a company, you are only disseminating information about products or services. It’s vital to bring what people are looking for, which they can remember easily and especially related to those people. The whole universe can be your market, but maybe not! The companies need to find the viral content to share between the grapevine communications of the new platforms. Well-targeted and focussed media (images, content & videos) gets more attention. This in turn leads to high traffic to business websites which means great leads and sales. A decade ago the businesses were dependent on organic traffic, hence they invest in search engine marketing and search engine placement as well as emailing, branding programs, analytics, and submission. However, with time, strategies are changed, more focussed, and flexible on social media and other platforms.

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