Configuring MySQL server

MySQL has three different kinds of configuration, both for the server process at server startup and for the client processes when a user executes them. In order of preference, these configuration options include: Command-line options Configuration file options Environment variable options MySQL specifies options according to the different groups, usually the names of the serverContinue reading “Configuring MySQL server”

Shell script to start, stop, and restart MySQL

Mac OS X automatically executes all scripts under the /Library/StartupItems Directory when the system boots up. If that directory does not yet exist, you will need to create it. For MySQL, you should create the directory /Library/StartupItems/MySQL and place the startup shell script MySQL and the configuration file StartupParameters.plist in that directory. Once those filesContinue reading “Shell script to start, stop, and restart MySQL”

Data Center Management Tool – Webmin

GUI Linux config/admin tool Webmin manages Linux machines operations which includes: Backups; Bootup and shutdown; Passwords; Filesystems; Logs; Updates; Apache; MySQL; User email; SSH login; Bandwidth monitoring; Firewalls; NIS Client and serverPPTP VPN; Printer administration; Cluster management Installing Webmin Steps to Install Webmin Step 1: Add standard repository by creating a file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/webmin.list deb reading “Data Center Management Tool – Webmin”