MySQL on dedicated server

You can install MySQL by compiling the source code with the options that best suit your needs, or by downloading and installing a prebuilt binary.

Or you can ask the CPWebhosting Support team, and they will do it using the package management system appropriate to your operating system.
You can get both binary and source code at the MySQL website.

Before doing an installation, Operating system needs to prepared for MySQL. You need to create a mysql user and ground under which MySQL will run.

Steps to Compile

It is just a four steps process:
1. Run configureConfigure comes with a host of options you can specify using the syntax configure –option[=value].
For example,
configure –prefix=/usr/local/mysql
tells the installer to use
as it's installation directory.

2. Run make
This step performs the actual compilation.

3. Run makeinstall
This step takes the compiled binaries and installs all components of MySQL in their proper locations.

4. Under Linux, make sure directory owners are all in order.
  • chown -R root {INSTALL_DIR}
  • chgrp -R mysql {INSTALL_DIR}
  • chown -R mysql {DATA_DIR}
There is a significant difference between MySQL and PostgreSQL, so as a DBA (database administrator) you should know what these differences are, what features you expect to exist in an RDBMS.

As you can see in tables, PostgreSQL supports large set of features common in the commercial RDBMS world than MySQL does.
Features MySQL PostgreSQL
ACID compliance Yes
Aggregate functions Yes Yes
ANSI SQL compliance Incomplete Yes
API for custom applications Yes Yes
Complex queries (UNION, UNION ALL, EXCEPT) Yes Yes
Views No Yes
Default column values No Yes
Dynamically loadable extensions No Yes
Extensible, user-defined data types No Yes
Foreign Keys Yes Yes
Functional Indexes No Yes
Functions Yes Yes
Hot stand-by No Yes
Index methods Yes Yes
Inheritance No Yes
Kerberos support No Yes
Locking granularity Yes Yes
ODBC support Yes Incomplete
Outer joins Yes Yes
Partial indexes Yes Yes
Procedural languages Yes Yes
Refrential Integrity Yes Yes
Replication Yes Yes
Rules No Yes
Sequences Yes Yes
SSL support Yes Yes
Stored procedures No Yes
Sub-selects Incomplete Yes
Transactions Yes Yes
Triggers No Yes
Unicode support Yes Yes



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