Content is King! Really!

A decade ago, it was prevalent everywhere that content is the King. And then every business started posting the content in bulk without any strategy, goal setting, and selecting the target population. Initially, the search engines gave them some success, but that won’t remain for a long time. Soon, they realize, that businesses need engaging quality content, which is valuable and relevant to readers. Even the best architecturally designed website with the best navigation & interaction fails if its content doesn’t fascinate the visitors. With available themes, plugins, every website can have the best features. But, the businesses need to provide the content much needed for their readers. Nowadays the concept of content designing is also getting acceptance. Thus, choosing the appropriate words, language, understandability is also key required, to attract visitors. If a website is having a high bounce rate, then, for sure, the business must check what it is serving, and why visitors are not staying for a long period. What content are competitors offering in the same sector? Analytics can reveal which pages are viewed today, or have maximum reach. The various action points can reveal the purpose of the visits, for what they are coming for? The listing websites list business websites, based on available content type.

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