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Most review-based websites claim to help in decision-making to choose the best web hosting company. They claim to have unbiased customer reviews, who have experienced the services. For sure, reviews help in making up the mind in a decision-making process. These portals do contain the definitive content in the form of articles. The prime focus is to create attention and educate the visitors regarding various hosting concepts and ‘how to do tutorials’. These websites claim to provide 100% accurate definitive content which provides the answers to most of the queries or FAQs and resolves a lot of issues or problems. Combining the reviews with the definitive content, help the hosting customer to make the most educated decisions and investments possible when choosing a web hosting provider. Visitors want to be sure, before purchase. The fear and confusion are not letting them make the best decision, hence they look for the people who have already experienced the provider services. The website activities can be considered as Public relations activities, as done to benefit the masses. The reviewing websites are selling this content with their manifesto content. Does the content create the impression of who we are? Why we created such content? and what is its accuracy?

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