Cloud hosting- pay for what you use

An individual or a company which has its website needs web hosting to keep it going. People were using the most popular and secure dedicated hosting to host their sites till cloud hosting came into existence. Cloud hosting is a hosting where services provided to customers via multiple servers. These servers are used together and divided into multiple virtual servers which comprise a cloud. Cloud hosting has its benefits over other types of hosting. Cloud hosting provides the features of a dedicated server hosting on a machine having shared hardware environment.
Benefits of Cloud hosting over other dedicated servers:-
  • Faster services: Nowadays people lack patience and time. Cloud servers come with ready to use features. The client doesn't have to waste its time on configuring it.
  • Reliability: Rather than hosting a site on a physical server, your website is hosted on a virtual server which takes its resource from underlying physical servers network. If any server goes offline, it won't affect the other servers and its data as the data is stored in different virtual servers on the cloud.
  • Performance: All servers are regulated in a cloud server center. There is no competition for resources, and one client cannot run away with the large share of resources. Space and resources are provided according to the need of the customer. Therefore, it is also known as on-demand hosting.
  • Scalability: Virtual private network servers are the option for people who want control over their servers but cannot afford dedicated servers. These servers include root access and guaranteed resources for the client, and technical support is also provided. Cloud Servers provides freedom to its clients to control their server and choose the software you want to install.
  • Affordable (low cost): Where dedicated servers require a high cost to get started with other hand cloud hosting providers offer their clients to pay only for what they use.
If you are looking for the companies which provide cloud hosting, then following are the most popular web hosting sites according to
  • Siteground: It has uptime of 99.99% and has hosted 194740 sites. Its cloud hosting packages start at $60.00/month.
  • A2hosting: This site has 100% uptime, and it has hosted total 63097 sites. The hosting packages start at $15/month.
  • Arvixe: This site has 99.95% uptime. Till now it has hosted 63656 sites, and its hosting plans start at $108/mo.
  • Bluehost: It also has 100% uptime and hosted 1886022 sites till now, and its cloud hosting packages start at $12.49/month.
  • Liquidweb: It has 99.97% uptime, and its hosting packages start at $14.95/month. This site has hosted 66415 websites in its work period.
Hacking is increasing day by day, and cloud hosting provides much more security than the dedicated one. If someone tries to hack your data and files, they won't be successful at a time. As cloud hosting provides different servers for different data storage. By mistake, if you loose any data you will have its backup, and the other information would be safe. A cloud server is very reliable as it comprises of different servers. If one server goes down, other servers will continue hosting. Whereas in dedicated hosting we use only one dedicated server for our entire information and hosting, so if it goes down the website will automatically go down.

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