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34sp.com recently launched the Managed WordPress Hosting plans for its customers. It is a brand new platform that is directed towards UK users and has better speed and security. This new plan allows hosting for multiple sites, staging and cloning tools along with a hosting stack that delivers lightning fast response times.
About Managed WordPress Hosting
Managed WordPress Hosting deals with most of the tasks related to WordPress so that you don't have to worry about running them. Apart from hosting your site, it will help you in optimizing areas like speed, security, uptime, and updates to enhance your website and the WordPress plugin compatibility. Since it is directed towards WordPress hosting and the plans are higher in rate, it is not for everybody. But it is better and cheaper to use in case you are planning to hire someone and solve those problems for you.
The New Hosting Plan
34sp.com's new plan gives support to three individual websites. The Ram is 2GB, and four CPU container has been specially optimized for WordPress. The managed plan is already available for the customers, and the price starts from £14.95 per month. All the plans at 34sp.com have Thirty days money back guarantee. They also provide the customers with WordPress experts who can handle the inward migration of any site.
Experts Speak
Tim Nash is a respected expert in the UK WordPress community. He recently joined the 34SP.com team to supervise the development of the new WordPress solution. Nash said “The new WordPress Platform has been designed as isolated containers, allowing 34SP.com the use of specialist technologies to improve performance and security. At the heart of the stack is CentOS 7 with Nginx, MariaDB, Memcached, and PHP-FPM, with specialist caching solutions in the form of Nginx FastCGI cache and application caching with Memcached.”
When it came to security Tim Nash enthusiastically explained “34SP.com's Aegis security system combines automated updates with custom mod_security rules based on the OWASP rule set. This feeds into Fail2Ban, providing a centralized method for preventing malicious access. When an SSL certificate is attached to a site, either an EV certificate or a free certificate from Let's Encrypt, sites are served over HTTP/2. Not only does enabling SSL provide security through encryption for visitors to a site but it now also offers even greater site performance.”
Another UK-based developer of WordPress, Mike Little, advised that whenever someone is selecting a web-hosting company to select the one who resided in the same country as your Target Audience. Mike Little explained in detail “I have a couple of client sites on 34SP.com and I love the fact that they have telephone support, which not all companies do. They're UK based which for most of my clients is ideal, and it means that the support hours match exactly what people need. They're also a local company, and I try to support local companies whenever I can. Many hosting companies say they are WordPress compatible and all they mean is that they have PHP and MySQL on your account. Most people need more support and in particular, if a company will optimize their hosting for WordPress – that can be great.”
34sp.com have been in the business of web hosting for over fifteen years. They have used their expertise in developing the new Managed WordPress Hosting plan to have access to rock solid and lightning fast WordPress hosting websites at the best price. Also, for the benefits of their customers and to provide hassle free services their customer support is available 24*7.

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