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Electronic mail has become the most popular medium of communication in this technological era with the evolution of the internet. Emails have made it easier to communicate with each other. Despite the growth of other developed ways of communication as new media and social media, still, emails are the most widely used standard mode to communicate in any small or large business. Emails are the very important aspect of any company to make relations with consumers, and that is why business email hosting exists to make your emails more professional.
Email hosting is hosting an email account by the client's domain name, and a here client can be a company or an individual For example – An email hosting has the following benefits which would help any business to strengthen their emails:-
  • Increases Professionalism: It is the best feature of an email hosting. Sending a mail by using a professional email id which includes company name is more professional than using the free email hosting site like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo which includes the hosting sites domain name.
  • On-line Persona: It helps in developing brand identity of a company among its users and its public as the email including company's domain name signifies the work of the company.
  • Credibility: Business emails, according to costumers are more trustworthy if sent through a company's professional id instead of sending by an anonymous mail.It is shows that the company is real with real employees and services and not spam. This helps in trust building.
  • Storage space: In email hosting the service provider provide the space for the storage as per the requirement and can be customized.
  • Spam/ Virus filter: The email hosting services come with spam and virus filtering feature because of which clients don't have to bother about the spams and viruses as the provider make sure to keep spam out off customer's mailbox.
  • Marketing of company: It also plays a small role in the marketing of your business as whenever you send an email to any customer it shows up your business's name and stands unique and different to the consumer and memorable too.

Email hosting helps in creating a company's online identity. If you have a domain name and would like to have email hosting service for your domain name, then you have to contact an email hosting service provider sites which provide reliable, secure and cost-effective hosting.

As per top 5 companies for email hosting are:-
  • Fatcow: This hosting site has uptime 100%, the entire hosted sites are 175982 and plans for email hosting starts from $4.99/mo.
  • Ipage: This web hosting site has uptime of 99.97%, and the entire hosted sites are 399976. It's hosting packages start at $4.99/mo.
  • Rackspace: It has 99.67% uptime, and total hosted sites are 274228. The packages for email hosting starts from $50/mo.
  • Godaddy: This site has uptime of 99.92%, total hosted sites are 487872 and the hosting price starts from $4.99/mo.
  • Siteground: This hosting site also has uptime 100%. This web hosting company has hosted 196381 sites, and the hosting plan starts at $3.95/mo.

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