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The average person or company does not need dedicated web hosting for their website; this service is more appropriate for companies or organizations with an extremely high volume of traffic: upwards of 5 million hits a day.
The website and the auxiliary components are usually stored and operated at a remote location which saves the company money and valuable space.
Companies prefer remote locations in case of emergencies, such as natural disasters when they must depend on safety and reliability of the web host and data.
Unlike Shared Hosting where you share server with other web site owners, Dedicated Server hosting offers you the opportunity to rent an entire server. You can customize the server as you want.
When you choose Dedicated Hosting you lease pre-configured equipment and connectivity from the provider. You choose operating system and software and adapt it to your needs. Dedicated Server resides in private premises with its own independent operating system, web server, mail server, and software instances. You have remote access to the server and you can customize the server to your own needs.
The provider, however, remains responsible for administration, maintenance of hardware, support, connectivity, power, etc. The server is owned by the web host and you don't have physical access to the server.
Dedicated Hosting requires more time, financial and human resources than shared hosting. If you think you're not familiar enough with configurating server you should check whether your hosting provider offers set up and installation assistance as well as ongoing support.

Dedicated server hosting is basically dedicated hosting, except the server is shared between a very limited number of users. This may sound like virtual hosting at first, but there are quite a few differences and benefits.
But if you really have a serious website, and want to run a successful business – you cannot do it without a dedicated server.
We offer you Dedicated server with all freedom. You will not need to share it with other websites. It will also give you additional 3rd party security for your site and emails. Our dedicated server will allow you deep access to your server to configure and optimize your server anyway you need. You're able to choose the software to install.
Dedicated Web Server Hosting:
Our dedicated server hosting packages offer high-performance web servers that come with commercially supported server software and a dedicated Internet connection to our world-class network. We provide 24×7 monitoring of your server and network availability to make sure that your site is always online and available.
You can rely on the professional dedicated server hosting company – cpwebhosting and be sure you are getting top-notch dedicated servers hosting services at a very affordable price

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