Dedicated Vs Virtual Server

A dedicated server is a web server that stores file just for your website. You have full access to the server, and you need not share your resources with have full access to shell and command line modes and can install any software programs and applications that you wish. Dedicated servers tend to cost more money because you do not split the server costs with anyone else. Unless you have a big website that needs a lot of disk space and bandwidth do not go the dedicated server.

A dedicated web server hosting uses the entire server from a dedicated server host company. It owns, maintains, and backs up the server and in return provides all the security, power management, and other aspects of maintaining a data center. It is the duty of the site developer to take care of all web server software issues.
The dedicated hosting often requires extensive use of system resources and increased bandwidth to serve the technology to a web browser. So to accommodate this need of resources, it makes use of the entire server. A dedicated web server can also be used to serve the purpose for reseller hosting.
A dedicated server is the best solution for traffic-heavy businesses who lack the staff, resources, and security to build, install, and maintain an in-house solution. With a dedicated server, leasing saves on network administrator position for a company. A dedicated hosting account is usually cheaper overall than an in-house solution, and businesses can reap savings of up to 85% on a per month basis.
A virtual server (also called shared hosting) is a web server that you share with other users. The web server contains your website's files and also the website files of all of the web hosts other customers. You could share a web server with any number of other clients, so it does not cost much money. A dedicated server is good for websites which are just starting out. You should also know that what others who are on the same server as you do can affect your site. For example, a customer may install a script that affects the servers performance, or in an unfortunate instance, the script installed by a user can shut the server down which in turn can shut your website down.

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