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Cpwebhosting, a leader in providing web hosting services at affordable prices. Cpwebhosting offers you a virtual dedicated web hosting. Cpwebhosting virtual dedicated server lets you run your sites as if you had your 'dedicated' server, except it is cheaper because you are just using part of a server that has split into multiple virtual dedicated servers.
With virtual dedicated web hosting, you get a much larger chunk of bandwidth compared to shared hosting, and none of the problems that go with a shared host. You can also get multiple IP addresses that are exclusive to your sites.
You probably spend a bit more on hosting each month. The main disadvantage of upgrading to virtual dedicated hosting is that you need to be more technically proficient so that you can administer the server.
It requires a bit of time learning the necessary Linux skills to make sure your server runs smoothly.
With the increased speed and bandwidth that a virtual dedicated host offers and none of the shared hosting headaches, the move is one you never regret. So, the question now becomes, are too ready and willing to take on the challenge of virtual dedicated web hosting and save yourself some hard earned cash? The choice is yours.

cpwebhosting-Dedicated Server hosting offers you the opportunity to rent an entire server. We give you the independence to customize the server as you want. When you choose Dedicated Hosting you lease pre-configured equipment and connectivity from us. You choose operating system and software and adapt it to your needs. Dedicated Server resides in private premises with its own independent operating system, web server, mail server, and software instances. You have remote access to the server and you can customize the server to your own needs.
The average person or company does not need dedicated web hosting for their website; this service is more appropriate for companies or organizations with an extremely high volume of traffic like cpwebhosting:who upwards of 6 million hits a day. The website and the auxiliary components are usually stored and operated at a remote location which saves the company money and valuable space. Companies prefer remote locations in case of emergencies, such as natural disasters when they must depend on safety and reliability of the web host and data.
cpwebhosting : Standard Features of Dedicated Web Hosting:
There are a variety of leasing options for clients. The biggest variables affecting price are:
Hard-drive space
Most of our plans include the following features:
File Transfer Protocol,
Web- Based E-mail Accounts
Domain Name System

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