BigRock Webhosting Review

Evaluation of BigRock Can be Mixed

That is correct if you are looking for review of the hosting company called BigRock then gear yourself for some really mixed reviews. There is no one site where you may actually find detailed information about this web hosting company. The ones that are available have mixed views about this company on the whole. Nonetheless you can go ahead and get a fair idea about BigRock by reading through this one at least.

Plethora of services

This is true BigRock has a barrage of services that you can choose from. It offers the usual web hosting services, domain registration, reseller packages, Drupal, WordPress ecommerce hosting, and website building to name a few. Their official website has a comprehensive layout which is very user friendly that you can read through to get a better understanding. As far as the prices are concerned, they start from as low as Rs.199 or $2 a month! It uses both Linux and Windows to host its services and allows customers to make a choice among the two.

Profile of the company

It is really quite surprising to know that BigRock was launched in the year 2010 by one Mr. Bhavin Turakhia. This company has managed to maintain a reputation irrespective of initial glitches. Even today people have complains against their technical support. However it the truth is they have worked hard to make things work in the best possible ways for its customers.

Customer Service as Provided

To be honest this is a tricky part that has to be handled well by BigRock. Yet it has to be mentioned that this does not mean they have not improved. Their chat services may not be up to mark yet, but their technical support recently has undergone a massive change. Yes you can research on your own about this and see for yourself from the various forums that where they stand these days.

Company’s Performance

If you are concerned about its performance then all that needs to be said is you can compare and study before you take that plunge. Nevertheless it has to be stated that BigRock comprises of OScommerce, Cubecart, and Zencart services, if you are thinking on the lines of ecommerce trading. They also have money back guarantee for 30 days which makes them reliable for sure in addition to this.

About Repute

Talking about reputation the above mentioned guarantee is more than enough to show how trustworthy they are. Hence the question of reputation for a web hosting company like BigRock definitely should not be asked. This company has truly pulled itself from scratches and made it visible to the world which is why there was a need for this review. Obviously it is one of the most well known hosting companies nowadays. In conclusion it can be said that BigRock has certainly worked through most of the problems by resolving them one by one. As a result of which today they are invariably one of the most noticeable hosting companies of the world.

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