Hivelocity launched self speed detective intelligent Routing Platform was found in the year 2001 which means it is quite a new company. Nonetheless this thirteen year old company has been providing services for dedicated server, cloud hosting services and VPS to customers from all over the world. Moreover this company uses server hardware from Dell & Supermicro that happen to be the most reliable one. In the year 2010 they upgraded their data center with state of the art technique. They also installed all kinds of new gadgets that are required for running such a facility.

These servers are used by millions of businesses worldwide everyday including , online gaming, data processing, KPOs, BPOs, credit card processing, video streaming, rendering and many more. They also offer 24*7 tech support to the customers worldwide. They have over and above 100 GBPS fiber optic connection with multiple connections of tier 1level. The company is privately held and strictly maintaining zero debt positions in the market till today with solid networks.

What makes the servers superiors than other service providers in the market is the intelligent routing platform. Customers at are provided with a premium blend of five transit providers of level 3, Time Warner telecom, global crossing, inteliquent & cogent Co. This is why most of customers these days do not face a downtime with this company that much. Although in the past there were complaints made about this kind of a trouble that this company has verily taken care of.

They connect to each of these providers with 10 GBPS optic fiber cable. They have enhanced the networks to ensure that every packet of data travels over the best path in the world known as noction intelligent routing system. This routing system identifies on its own when BGP is not providing the fastest path for the data to travel, it chooses the best path on that time for providing customers the best support.

In fact, they have improved thirty percent of the routing paths approximately on their networks everyday with this intelligent routing platform. In the other words, even if anyone relying solely on BGP with those 5 blends of superior transit providers as As of now, no other data center is providing the speed blend of these 5 superior transit

providers except They are proving with only one transit provider and for which they are over charging the customers. Optic fiber they are using of only 1 GBPS. So in one word this company is outperforming any other company in this highly competitive market.

Last but not least, has developed private peering routes over the past few years. These private peering paths have quite brilliantly improved the network results for the customers using any of the several thousands of carriers in those metro areas. With this private peering they are offloading 1 GBPS from their core network of transit. In the layman words, these 1 GBPS of transit are much more better in data transferring due to their own peering routes and are much more competitive and cost efficient too and that is something much more better than their competitors who are having their total capacity of 1 GBPS or so.

There is no denying the fact that all this helped them create a reputation for in the recent years. Moreover with charges around $5 per Mbps along with the bandwidth whereas others charges around $ 12.50 per Mbps they have conquered the market with goodwill. So obviously is the best option amongst the rest of the data centers based in Tampa.

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