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If you have been searching for an honest review on; well you are certainly looking in the right place. There are many websites scattered all over the internet that will give you mixed reviews about and those reviews may add to your confusion instead of being useful to you. So follow the guidelines mentioned in this review and you will have no trouble judging the authenticity of this company.

Excellent services provided by the company

It is without a doubt that this company can be declared as a service provider that gives the users reliable and prompt services. Users can safely rely on this company to receive all the necessary services for website hosting activities. The price of the services range from $5.95 to $299.95; so it means that that almost anyone can afford to hire the services of the company. The company has separate tariff plans for dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and website hosting plans. The services are highly compatible with Linux platform.

Company Profile

The company has been in existence since 200; the company was started in Los Angeles. The company is considered to be a veteran in webhosting activities. Most of the services are compatible with either Linux or Unix. The company started out pretty small in the early years but in the recent developments the company has faced great commercial success and critical acclaim. The company has indeed put in a lot of effort in reaching where it is today.

Customer Service

The customer services are quite goods; sure like any other company this service provider is plagued with certain shortfalls but that does not indicate that the company does not strive to improve its services. In fact you too can do a little research on your own to see how good the services really are with this company. You can read about the services on various forums over the internet.

Performance of the company

This is the part that you should pay attention to; now it would be a good thing if you take the time to read about the company before you hire the services of the company. The company has received negative votes very seldom. The company also refunds money back to those customers that are somehow not satisfied with the services of the company. This gesture is very well accepted by the public.


The above mentioned points have already validated the authenticity of the company. The fact that this company has become a house hold name is proof that the company has a sound reputation in the market. The company has indeed created a superb image right from scratch; from being just another company to being labeled as a veteran company. Today the company has achieved the status as one of the most well reputed hosting companies in the modern times. Stick to the points mentioned in this review and you will have a better understanding of the services provided by the company to its customers at all times.

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