web developers and designers also use WordPress

( http://bit.ly/2sXoNb9 ) – With WordPress, you can build everything customer needs, a blog, dynamic website for products or services, portfolio page, e-commerce portal and much more. WordPress comes with the dozen of features and more can be added easily through plugins. Easy-to-use administrative backend gives even a novice user to do virtually endless personalization,Continue reading “web developers and designers also use WordPress”

Linux is used by 90% Developers

( http://bit.ly/2u3ob47 ) – It has become a common practice that when it comes to web development more than 90%, developers use Linux. Why they choose Linux, this question may drive the interested readers to the fact as for how much Linux is helpful in web development. Linux is mainly an operating system for theContinue reading “Linux is used by 90% Developers”