Must Include Title, Description, Keywords, Excerpt, and Featured Image October 12, 2021

Nowadays Google automatically picks keywords & description but is always better to put definite values. While sharing the website page/post, the content posted in the excerpt and featured images appear on social media. Definite values in manifesto fields or meta fields build trust and credibility. The visitors know by these values, what kind of content is available, who has written it? What are its different sources? How to access the content? When the content quality is good, visitors share it on their social media platforms. It is what a business needs – link building, more people share more search engines give weightage. It’s more about numbers, the best publicity is through mouthwards, and on Internet, through visitors sharing. When a link is shared, it’s expected that the title, description, and image must be available automatically. If people start sharing the content distributed by businesses, then, for sure it can bring immeasurable success.

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