Selective Consumption of Information

Is the Internet going to stop growing in terms of content? People are very selective, they only consume the information of their interest and need. Earlier companies used to post everything, every detail about the products or services, scientific and non-scientific. Nowadays, they are only following their target customers and providing tailor-made content or information. A user has very little interest in the interior functioning, take an example of a car, people purchase it based on its efficiency, mileage, look, but they don’t go into the details. Why the companies would be providing all such detailed information. The content sharing principles are changing, the businesses are providing only the information relevant to their customers. Through research and data analysis, companies can understand their customers in a better way. Everybody is not a customer, the proper research enables them to overcome the barriers of collecting & providing all the content. Now, companies can set the content boundaries, and with limited information able to satisfy the customer. It also enables businesses to widen their target markets, look prospects on the Internet. –

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