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As we move into the informational era, organization both small and large wants to enhance their brand image, to market their product, services and strengthen their brand image and are shifting to the new media. With the growth of websites we require a platform that provides you the servers in easy and cheap manner. Hosting companies solve all your problems and were focused to grow in their most basic offerings: file storage and security.
Now when we start any business or blogging we have multiple questions, like which type of hosting is better for our business, we even have little income at the start, price is the major reason. It is almost impossible for the consumers to research good providers and to compare between almost 100 to 200 server providers, for which specific purpose we want the server.
"I recommend option for shared hosting because it is basically the first step people take when setting up new websites, bloggers or small business that have just begun to start the reason due to which it is opted because of its cost efficiency and money saving features along with all basic requirement, unlimited resources and very economical."
Not only to the beginners but regardless of the fact it is also equally valuable for users who are a part of hosting from quite a long time. Shared hosting services typically offer basic web statics support, email and web email services, auto script installation. In shared hosting providers are generally responsible for managing servers, installing server software, security updates, technical support and other aspects of service.
With reference to Elizabeth Anderson she share a very simple and better benefits of shared hosting so I would like to share with you also.
As we know that there are pros and cons of every aspect Pros of shared hosting are as follows:-
  • Cost effective: It is very cheap and there is no specific time define to open a share hosting account When your business enhances you can further upgrade it.
  • No management required: It is very simple to access we don’t want any management to manage server you can easily serve by your own.
  • Faster technical support: As we know that shared hosting share with different other websites also so if there is any technical problem occur technicians resolve within no time because it affects other website as well.
  • Multiple email accounts: You can access multiple accounts at your domain.
  • Easy website management: It is very easy to manage website on shared hosting.
Cons are as follows:-
This is not useful for software developers and for large business and when traffic increases it becomes slow sometimes.
Now that we know about shared hosting has provided us with many statistics of the shared hosting companies so it becomes easy for the consumers to choose hosting companies
  • iPage: The cost of webhosting starts from$1.99 and has an uptime of 99.96% and company has hosted 372044 sites.
  • Green geeks: The cost of webhosting starts from $3.96 and has an uptime of 100% and company has hosted 1204 sites.
  • Webhost: The cost of webhosting starts from $2.99 and has an uptime of is 100% and company has hosted 1483sites.
It is very beneficial for young bloggers, startup websites, small business and the most important it is very cheap and affordable.

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