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Image is a visual presentation of a thing or wayto express something. An image can be executed captured or stored in electronic form. We  are emotional being. Life brings both good and bad emotions together when we capture emotions it become photograph or when emotions captured in photograph it becomes memories.
Photographs brings to a stop and display those moments that we already lived. They give us chance to live that moments again and show how we change or remain the same. we hook into that particular moment. A photo can inspire some,change view,give ideas to some people,may educate ,may inspire,to act and so on. It also capture the innermost feeling  like fear,anxiety. It brings emotions and create emotions.
Sometimes photographs not affect the personnel life but also effect the others life because sometimes it gives the essence of some tragedy for example flood,earthquake etc. When you recall these pictures it traps you in some emotions. Nowdays social media increased the importance of pictures even more people want to capture each and every moment or feeling and want to share with their friends as well like Facebook nowadays become the most sharing platform for all of us. Sharing of photos is the most usual activity there. Images gives you a medium which is not possible to describe from words like nature you cannot give accurate definition of nature in words but in photographs you capture each moment of nature.
All about image hosting
Image hosting allows individual to upload and update images to internet websites with foolproof security. It stores images onto the server and show the individual different type of code to allow others to view that image.
In fact image hosting websites provide the user an uploaded interface, a form in which uploader specifies the location of an image file. You can also create a digital scrapbook. It offers a placeholder you can also share your photo with other members.
Some internet hosting sites make elaborate, custom websites to display images and media. Some focuses more on photos blobs or photo slideshows.
Features of image hosting company:
First you need to understand the option and features for your image hosting sites so that you can choose the one that exactly suits your demand some of the criteria are:
  • Ease in uploading: Nowadays problem of overcrowding/traffic increases so choose  that company which uploaded your images easily because sometimes file size is very large
  • Disk space: Disk space means the amount of storage need disk space to store images and graphics.Every hosting company provide different space in different plans.
  • Uptime: Uptime means the percentage of time that a hosting server stays or running.
  • Appealing: Plans should be appealing and attractive
  • Ease of use
  • Customer service: This is one of the basic and most important features that one should look for.
  • Multimedia features
Selecting the perfect Image host can be a tough situation. SiteGeek, the Consumer Reports of web hosting industry, has provided us with statistics of the top 3 image hosting companies.
  • Certified hosting: The cost of webhosting starts from $7.95/month and has an uptime of 100%. So far, the company has hosted around 12765 websites.
  • Canadian webhosting: Web hosting costs start from $4.95/month and also has an uptime of 100%. As of now the company has hosted around 8059 websites.
  • Eukhost: Cost for webhosting starts from $3.33/month. The company has an uptime of 100% and the company has hosted around 1224 websites.

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