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Unihost — professional provider of hosting services. Their service is based on a principle: "A key to success is a satisfied customer". Therefore, all effort is to provide the highest quality and convenient service. Advantages of Unihost: Wide range of services, you will find everything you need to create and maintain your web project, from registration of domain names and hosting your site to powerful dedicated servers and SSL certificates. Automation and Performance, Procedures of ordering services and receiving payments are fully automated, activation of domain and hosting accounts takes up to 10 minutes after receiving the payment.


Unihost provides unlimited traffic, as well as constant backup of your data to third-party servers. Hosting servers are located in secure data center in Germany, and are connected to the largest Internet highways in Europe with access to US, India, Europe, etc. Therefore, your sites will be accessible from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they will load no longer than a couple of seconds. Support for the latest CMS, with a simple interface of hosting control panel, you can easily install any content management system: WordPress, Joomla, DLE, Drupal and others. In addition, Unihost do not limit customers: in your account, you can customize PHP settings required for your CMS.

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Reliability and availability, Unihost only co-operate with world-known and trustworthy partners. A team of experienced developers and administrators allows to optimally configure software and servers, as well as to minimize dependence on third-party organizations. This allows Unihost to keep low prices for services while maintaining high quality of provided service.

SiteGeek analysis shows 99.9% uptime last week for Unihost. Up Time % is the amount of time websites hosted by the hosting company are available for users or visitors. Unihost time and again consistent high up-time percentages very close to 100%, means sites hosted by Unihost are available 24/7 or exceptionally close to 24/7.

Unihost hosted site count for .com, .net, .org and .info is 375. Quantity does not essentially reflect quality. It is significant to ensure a hosting company can handle the magnitude of sites it hosts on its servers.

SiteGeek Analysis shows that 1 new domain was registered with Unihost hosting and 0 domains were transferred to Unihost hosting from other web hosts. Analysis also shows 0 domains were transferred away from Unihost hosting.

Unihost hosting has 100% positive user sentiment, based on social media content and conversations. It’s a real time snapshot of customer’s perception of hosting company and ensures hosting company is meeting user needs and convey quality service.

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