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Servage founded in 1998 under a special name Servage Hosting is well established, financial independent and extremely experienced in the hosting industry. They currently host numerous websites and got plenty of room for your website also!


New corporate name resulted from the words: "Serve" and "Age", that when combined (almost) spell our proud name. It is their goal to serve customers while always keeping systems up-to-date with the most modern technologies. The Perfect Hosting Platform Servage provides the next generation hosting platform, and is likely the most technically advanced and reliable platforms available today. Compared to traditional platforms their clustered platform revolutionizes the way web hosting works. Downtime is not an option as all systems are in redundant setups – even servers are mirrored in a fail tolerant way. In the event one server should fail it is automatically replaced by the other cluster nodes. Read more about this exciting technology.

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Customer Satisfaction Cluster reliability, speed and customer services are the keywords for their operation. Every single person in organization understands this and works toward common goal of total customer satisfaction. Servage understand satisfied customers are the key to long term success in this competitive market. Every single customer is treated with respect and staff is standing by to help you around the clock – they are only one click away.

Servage features: Powerful Clustered Servers, IPv6 support, 24/7 Server Monitoring, Major Bandwidth Providers, Secure Server (SSL) included, 99.98% Server Uptime

SiteGeek analysis shows 99.9% uptime last week for Servage. Up Time % is the amount of time websites hosted by the hosting company are available for users or visitors. Servage time and again consistent high up-time percentages very close to 100%, means sites hosted by Servage are available 24/7 or exceptionally close to 24/7.

Servage hosted site count for .com, .net, .org and .info is 33475. Quantity does not essentially reflect quality. It is significant to ensure a hosting company can handle the magnitude of sites it hosts on its servers.

SiteGeek Analysis shows that 9 new domains were registered with Servage and 8 domains were transferred to Servage from other web hosts. Analysis also shows 6 domain was transferred away from Servage.

Servage has 46.67% positive user sentiment, based on social media content and conversations. It’s a real time snapshot of customer’s perception of hosting company and ensures hosting company is meeting user needs and convey quality service.

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