Virtual Private Server

VPS hosting is all about software-created emulation that allows you to create a virtual server from within a real server. That is where VPS gets it`s name. If you decide you want a VPS you are getting a virtual private server.

The way I have explained VPS hosting to people in the past is simple. You are getting the power of a dedicated server at the price of a shared hosting plan. It is about high performance and lower costs. For many years in the hosting industry there was no middle of the road between a dedicated server and a shared hosting account.

VPS gained in popularity out of necessity.

We needed that middle ground web hosting account type. This is especially true if you get a managed VPS hosting account. This way the web host will do all of the heavy lifting on the server side of things so you can focus on your web hosting content. Here are a few more benefits of VPS hosting:

  • Better Firewall Configurations
  • Access to more RAM and CPU processing power
  • Uptime is better. If two VPS accounts are on a server and one goes down, the other one can stay up and running.
  • You can reboot the VPS without effecting other accounts on the actual server

Who would be considered the best VPS web host? There are several to choose from.

  • 1and1 : The VPS hosting at 1and1 starts at $4.99 per month and offers 1GB RAM, 1vCore and 50GB of disk space. They also provide the option to use SSD drives too.
  • HostGator : HostGator`s lowest priced VPS starts at $19.95 per month and gives you Virtuozzo (VZ) Only, .5 Core CPU power, 512 MB of RAM and 25 GB of disk space.
  • BlueHost : BlueHost provides really flexible VPS hosting options. The standard plan is only$14.99 per month and gives you 2 CPU cores, 30GB SAN storage, and 2GB of RAM.

You can find tons more, via our VPS hosting comparison page too.

If you need more power and performance than shared hosting can provide, the VPS web hosting option is a good route to go. You can easily grab a managed VPS hosting plan, migrate your hosted content over and get back up and running. Shared hosting to VPS hosting is a much shorter leap to go than shared hosting to dedicated hosting.

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