JavaScript for The Web Development

In the present scenario, the academics and programmers are experiencing explosive growth and the people are taking an unparalleled interest in the web. Web pages created at an astonishing rate. There is a fundamental challenge of Web page development to create an attractive and exciting websites.
The Java programming language was introduced to extend the Web developer's set of tools dramatically.

JavaScript offers the Web page author a new level of sophistication without requiring him to become a programmer. JavaScript brings dynamic and powerful capabilities to Web pages, yet JavaScript is no harder to learn than HTML.
Now the JavaScript can also be used to solve common problems, such as validating forms input and can also be used to create dramatic and visually appealing content, which would be impossible with HTML.

In building Web pages, you present information to your audience. However, the design and layout should also entice them to explore your site.
And with the JavaScript, your pages come alive! Many interactive elements are now available for interesting design and layout. Your users are no longer just readers. People would interact with your documents, not just read them. Your users can now interact with forms, change the look and feel of your Web documents, and use multiple windows.

JSP for dynamic web pages

Server-side technology developed by Sun. With JSP you can create dynamic web pages by putting Java code into your HTML pages. The code is executed by the web server before the page returned to the browser.
Since JSP uses Java, the technology not restricted to any server-specific platform.
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