JavaScript and Scripting Languages

The term,'scripting languages' is used to make a distinction from compiled languages. However, some languages like C or C++ could be used for scripting.
The term scripting also used because a language would react to, control, or "script" a series of events. Even macro languages built into PC applications like spreadsheets, databases, word processors, and multimedia applications are now often called scripting languages.

If you have used the Web, you have used Perl. It is the language used for probably the majority of CGI scripts.

These are the routines that run on Internet servers and respond to requests from browsers when a user completes a form. There are guestbooks, message boards, voting pages, surveys, and more that use Perl scripts.
Microsoft is actively promoting its scripting language VBScript. The primary function of this language is to interact with and create external applications.
This language is a subset of Microsoft's Visual Basic. Moreover, it works with ActiveX controls.So, it is expected to have a substantial impact.
The JavaScript can instantly provide you information without waiting on the server or your Internet connection. This information can come from user input, code "hidden" with the document, or other material in frames or other windows.
All of the elements inside the window of a browser are available in JavaScript. You can dynamically change some of these items.
You can also examine the elements of one document and use that information to create a different document.
Password Protected Webpage
The simplist and most effective password protection using just clientside JavaScripting, relies on the user not knowing the target filename:
<script language="JavaScript"><!–
function go() {
window.location.href = "; +
document.formName.passwordName.value + '.html';
return false;
<form name="formName" onSubmit="return go()">
Enter Password:
Identify User's Screen Resolution
Get the user's screen resolution with javascript screen.height and screen.width.
Define the size of the flash-site by opening it with
You could also scale it window after it has opened with window.resizeTo(w, h). call it with the onLoad-Event in the body-tag.
Using IsNumeric function
<script language="javascript">
var num = '12,345,678';
num = num.replace(/,/gi,"");
alert( num );
JS to make HTTP request (GET)
Try this code, this send values from your script
function rg(r,i)  {
i = new Image();
i.src= 'a/a.php?test=1&mr=r&mi=i';



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