VBScript Methods & Properties

When the page first loads, it connects to the Microsoft Web site, which appears in the frame. You can follow the hyperlinks of this document to switch to any other page on the same Web site or to visit another site.

Some hyperlinks, however, cause the destination page to be displayed on the parent page, in effect removing your page from the browser's window. If this happens, the page with the command buttons would be replaced on the browser's window, and you must click on the browser's Back button to return to the LocationObject page, or select the Refresh button to reload the original page.

Alert Method

The alert method displays an alert message box. The alert message box is very similar to the regular message box of the Windows 95 user interface.
It displays a message and remains on the screen, and the execution of the script suspended until the user clicks the OK button.
Confirm displays a message box similar to the alert method, and only this box has two buttons, OK and Cancel. The confirm method returns the value True if the OK button clicked and the value False if the Cancel button is clicked.
This method frequently is used to notify the user that an unusual or irrevocable action is about to take place, such as the transmission of Form data to the server.

Open Method

The open method has a behavior similar to that of hyperlinks inserted with the <A> tag; however, it gives you more control over the appearance of the new window. The real benefit of using the open method, though, is that it enables you to specify the target at runtime.

On the other hand, the destination of the <A> tag must be furnished at design time and can't change when the document viewed. With the open method, you can navigate to any URL, even a user-supplied URL.

Opener property

The opener property returns the window object that opened the current window. The opener property does not return a window name or another window property.
It returns an actual object that you can use to access the properties of the window from which the current window opened.

Cookie property

The cookie property enables you to set up client-side cookies. A cookie represents a message you can store on the client computer and read from another page, or the next time the same client loads your page.
Cookies enable you to customize your pages for each customer by maintaining information between sessions. The cookie property makes it possible for your script to store a string on the customer's computer and recall it at a later time.
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