VBscript Automation

The VBScript helps us in controlling the browser's window.
Moreover, the browser's window is the container, where your pages get displayed, and your code executed.
The World Wide Web Consortium specification for two-dimensional layouts describes methods you can use to place 2-D material into HTML pages. In addition to layout capabilities, the page editor contains its set of ActiveX controls that you can use in special HTML files called HTML Layouts. HTML Layout files had an ALX extension and embedded into standard HTML files.

The Script Wizard automates the creation of VBScript and JavaScript code in HTML or ALX files. The Script Wizard gives you easy, graphical access to the methods, properties, and events of ActiveX controls and ActiveX layout components.
The Script Wizard is a tool that enables you to graphically manipulate and use the properties, methods, and events for ActiveX objects in HTML. The VBScript helps us in controlling the browser's window.

Moreover, the browser's window is the container, where your pages get displayed, and your code executed.
The page editor of the ActiveX Control Pad enables you to create HTML pages that behave and look very much like stand-alone applications set up with a programming tool such as Microsoft Visual Basic.

You can use the Script Wizard to create the VBScript code that would control the ActiveX objects.
The opener property returns the window object that opened the current window. The opener property does not return a window name or another window property.

It returns an actual object that you can use to access the properties of the window from which the current window opened.
  • The window object is the browser's window that you see on-screen.
  • 'Name' is a read-only property that returns the name of the window.
To create a named window, you must use the TARGET attribute with one of the HTML tags to which it applies. For example,the

<A> tag frequently used with the TARGET attribute, which tells the browser to display the destination HTML document in another window.
The parent's property returns the name of the parent window, which contains the specific window.
The parent property of the window object is an object itself, and through its properties, you can adjust the appearance of the parent window.

Self is a window object that represents the current window, but, although mentioned in Microsoft's documentation, it is not yet supported by Internet Explorer 3.0

This property operates similarly to the parent and opener properties, in the sense that it returns a window object and not the name of the window.



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