Resolving Website Stats problems

Sometimes problems with AWStats are caused by enabled RLimitMEM. Try disabling this resource in the plan if it is enabled.
If there is a situation, that Webalizer does not resolves the country, then in that case do the following steps:
Step 1. Change run_webalizer function in the script (under root):
# vi /hsphere/shared/scripts/cron/
and find "sub run_webalizer
{". Add the following command to the second line after the function declaration:
&safe_suexec("root","/hsphere/shared/bin/webalizer -p -Q -N
20 -D/var/log/dns_cache.file -n $site -o $dest $file");
It would look as follows:
sub run_webalizer {
&safe_suexec("root","/hsphere/shared/bin/webalizer -p -Q -N 20
-D/var/log/dns_cache.file -n $site -o $dest $file");
Step 2.
Update the hsphere-webailizer package to the latest version according to the operating system:
rpm -ivh –force hsphere-webalizer-2.01-10.rpm
Step 3.
Run and scripts (this step could be skipped, as these scripts run each day as cron jobs):
# /hsphere/shared/scripts/cron/
# /hsphere/shared/scripts/cron/
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