Resolve Invalid Certificate Problem

Sometimes, we get the error Invalid certificate format, file: server.key
when, try to install a certificate and key on the site.
To deal with such kind of situation, we try to install our certificate and key on our site, and we need to remove encryption and enter it in clear-text format. Encryption can be deleted with the OpenSSL utility of Unix Shell on any Unix server where OpenSSL utility pack installed, for example on the Control Panel box.
  1. We have to Put our encrypted Private Key into a separate file and save it as server_old.key
  2. In Unix Shell, following command has to be executed: openssl rsa -in server_old.key -out server.key
  3. Enter the password when prompted.
  4. A new file (server.key) will be generated. It will contain the Private Key in a plain text format.
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