Resolve DNS Problems

There may be a situation, in which user who has just signed up has multiple IPs.
We can think about this problem as:
i) A user creates a domain ( with the default shared IP. Two DNS records are set up in the DNS zone, one for, the other for *
ii) The user receives a notification e-mail which reads the location of the index.html page (
iii) The user goes to this page to see how it works. During this process the DNS query sends through DNS server chain to your server and the response is cached on each server of this chain. Now the DNS servers remember the location of at this shared IP.
iv) The user goes to the control panel and changes to the dedicated IP.
v) The user goes to www (which is not and this domain name mapped to the dedicated IP. But still points at the shared IP, and it will be so until the DNS servers update themselves, which takes at least 24 hours.

The solution is to wait until the DNS servers update themselves. To avoid this problem, the user has to do steps 1, 3, 4. Step 2 must skipped.

Sometimes, customer complaints that When he register a domain through Enom, he get an error message as: "Failed to Add Account, Invalid Domain Name or Nameserver."

There can be several reasons for this:
i) The nameserver isn't registered with InterNIC. Then, we need to make sure it's registered and the propagation period has elapsed.
ii) Registered nameservers don't match those entered in the control panel. For instance, registered nameservers are and, and in control panel, we have configured and
iii) The domain customer is trying to register already taken;
iv) We haven't installed the Enom patch from

Customers are not able to add DNS records or properly create domains they are getting named returns internal server error.
It's a known problem and the solution is to use both Dedicated and Shared IPs for reseller DNS. If a resellers' domain registrars don't require dedicated DNS IPs, we can have the reseller use shared DNS IPs. To move a reseller to a shared IP, we need to change the plan configuration and recreate reseller's server aliases for his DNS boxes manually. We need to ask the reseller to change his domain registrar DNS data accordingly.

Customers are complaining that they are not able to switch to dedicated IPs. In this case, we need to Make sure that there are free dedicated IPs available on this server by checking in the E.Manager page.
The customer's plan may restrict the number of dedicated IPs per account or the Dedicated IP resource is disabled in the plan.

To check it, go to INFO->Plans->Resources Make sure that Dedicated IP is listed in enabled resources. If it isn't, enable it. If it is enabled, click the Edit link next to it. Max value for dedicated IPs should be more than the customer is currently using.
Sometimes customer reports an error that, Name server check on domain registration returns a DNS error that reads "Domain has no MX or A record."

In that case we need to make sure logical mail server (or reseller mail server alias) is registered in the DNS zone managing it as an A record or MX pointing to an A record, not CNAME.

Sometimes, customers complain that upon changing service domain (service DNS zone), instant aliases for new and existing domains are created based on an old one's instant alias template. To deal with such kind of problem, we need to Go through the plan edit wizards to repost plans' configs and then using mass mail ask existing customer to turn on and then back on instant alias on Web Options page for each of their domains.
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