Mail Problems

Users can't send e-mails and get the error "553 sorry, and that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts."
To fix it, following steps:
1. log into your mail server as root;
2. stop qmaild:
# /etc/rc.d/init.d/qmaild stop
3. backup all needed files in the ~vpopmail/etc directory;
4. delete the directory ~vpopmail/etc:
# rm -rf ~vpopmail/etc
5. create it anew:
# mkdir ~vpopmail/etc
6. copy backed files to this new directory
7. change permissions for this directory:
# chown -R vpopmail:vchkpw ~vpopmail/etc/
8. empty the file ~vpopmail/etc/open-smtp:
# cat /dev/null > ~vpopmail/etc/open-smtp
9. start qmaild:
# /etc/rc.d/init.d/qmaild start
If there is a situation, when the customers are receiving a rcpthosts error while using Outlook/Express. This problem arises when there is installation of  Mail server with POP before SMTP feature included. It means that users need to check their pop3 box before sending mail trough the server. When the POP3 box checked, a user can send emails within the next 15-30 minutes.
When vmoduser is running in the system, it eats up 70% of CPU, and causing mail server to be exteremely slow.
To resolve this problem, there is a need to Kill vmoduser, but, before that make sure that the directory
doesn't have any files excluding .vpasswd.lock. Need to remove .vpasswd.lock as well.
IMap is recommended instead of SqWebMail.

The mail server auth daemon stops accepting connections. The problem is that, SqWebMail doesn't always integrate with RedHat 7.3 smoothly, so we recommend using IMP instead.
There may be a problem, in which user can't add a maibox because this mailbox reportedly exists, but it's not in the control panel.
If mailbox does not exists in the CP but it exists on the mail server, in that case following steps need to be taken:
1. Log in your mail server as root.
2. Change directory to ~vpopmail/bin/
3. Check if this mailbox exists:
# ./vuserinfo
4. If it exists and you don't see it in the Control Panel interface, you can try to delete it:
# ./vdeluser
5. Try to create this mailbox through Control Panel.

To deal with such kind of problems, in which control panel is not delievering the mails following steps need to be taken:

Step 1. Check SMTP settings:
cat ~cpanel/shiva/psoft_config/ | grep SMTP
bash-2.05a$ telnet 25
If SMTP is configured correctly, this will produce a result similar to this:
Trying [IP address]…
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Step 2. If successfully connected with telnet, check if all mail settings in Control panel are configured properly.
Step 3. If CP mail settings are configured properly, try to create a test trouble ticket, answer it and check /var/log/hsphere/hsphere.log to see if it contains a record with "Sending email to: [e-mail address]host: from: [H-Sphere admin e-mail address]"
Step 4. If this record is there, check if the mail server allows relays from the CP server IP (E.Manager)
To deal with the problem when the webserver is not able to send mails. If mail and web are installed on the same box, mail is serviced by qmail.
Step 1. Check /var/log/maillog for errors referring to the sender
Step 2. Log into the user CP, go to Web Options page for the domain mail is sent from, and view Error Log for errors related to sending mail.

The most common error is that there's no mail relay from this mail server to the web server IP.
If mail and web are installed on separate boxes, mail is serviced by SendMail, not qmail. Check that the file /etc/ has the directive DS[MAIL_SERVER_NAME], for example If it doesn't, add this directive manually. This file can also be located in /etc/mail
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