Artificial Intelligence in Hosting Industry

( ) – The biggest expenditure to the web hosts and service provider is their workforce. A sales team to bring potential customer, support team to resolve the issues and management team to manage. To communicate with all the stakeholders and keep them in touch, tools such as ChatWoo are available. Interactions can beContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence in Hosting Industry”

Research is paramount for Web Hosting Industry

Research is paramount for any industry to succeed for a long-term. is now finding that most of the web hosting companies are offering customized plans catering to the needs of clients. Still there is big pie in a circle, who are just offering pre-decided packages, which can make money for web host only. WebContinue reading “Research is paramount for Web Hosting Industry”

Web Hosting Smarts – Hosting Industry Demystified

WebHostingSmarts listing reviews of Hosting companies with their ratings, customer testimonials, hosting articles and guide. If you are looking for a hosting solutions, you can compare the various hosting companies listed. You can get the Hosting Coupons, Discount codes, Special offers and various Hosting deals from the Hosting Industry.

Unisecure Review

Unisecure is an established name in the industry with more than a decade long experience pursuing a vision to evolve and develop innovative technologies to make the services more economical and let your business gain on ROI. They offer a bundle of web solutions – Cloud Platform, dedicated servers, VPS Hosting, Colocation Services and dataContinue reading “Unisecure Review”