SMB’s perfect eCommerce solution AbanteCart

( ) – AbanteCart, a free, enterprise-grade eCommerce solution which is perfect for SMBs (small-to-medium-sized) online businesses. It enables customers to buy and sell efficiently and securely in an online world. Powered by fast, robust and expandable code base, state of the art feature set and an efficient user interface. The platform provides aContinue reading “SMB’s perfect eCommerce solution AbanteCart”

Millions Livelihood dependent on Server’s Uptime

( ) – The companies providing hosting services have the heavy responsibility of keeping the services up all the time. Before the customer experience issue, the host must take care of it, that need continuous monitoring. If the problem occurs, do communicate it with your team, customers and everybody related and keep them updated.Continue reading “Millions Livelihood dependent on Server’s Uptime”

What if .com domain not available?

( ) – Everybody first checks ‘.com.’ availability as the world’s recognized web address. The commercial domains have gained both trust and reliability, so even, if ‘com’ is not available, people do search for variance in keywords, and would like only to go with ‘.com.’ TLD. With so many new TLD’s available, in whichContinue reading “What if .com domain not available?”